What is Love?

20 Oct
What is love?

What is love?

The above query is rather puzzling… in fact; it depends on circumstances & also keeps changing from day to day!

What I feel is, real love is actually affection, that one gets from one’s family members, relatives, friends or even pets.

Kids expect the fond love of their parents, it maintains a peaceful atmosphere at home. This automatically keeps them hale & healthy.

First Love

First Love

The first love in childhood is remembered even in one’s old age.

Young & in Love

Young & in Love

Teenagers love is mostly untold & usually a secret. And a red rose is a sure sign of love. The color & fragrance of this lovely blossom is fantastic, while its thorns prick not only fingers but also one’s mind & heart. Consequently, due care should be taken not to get trapped foolishly. Its better to accept someone’s love rather than you expect them to love you back…

In old age, love shown by our children and grand-children is a great satisfaction.

About myself:

a) I love my blog

b) I love the support given to me by my only son & only daughter.

c) Gardening is my favorite pastime

d) Cooking is a satisfaction

e) I love getting drenched in the rain for fun.

What I dislike:

a) Noisy & crowded places

b) Gossiping

c) Power cuts! a huge irritation

d)Hot summer weather

My only expectation:

Your comments either good or bad, are most welcome!

Finally, I end by saying that on the whole:


Love is bliss!

Love is bliss!


Breeze: Unpredictable Pleasure

17 Oct


The breeze though unpredictable makes one cheerful and happy especially in warm and sultry weather.

Nobody knows from where it comes & to where it goes. Yet everybody feels relaxed for a short while. Also,  the light wind lessens the stress & uneasiness whatsoever in our life.

Sea breeze is due to the afternoon wind  caused by warm air rising over the land in sunny weather. No doubt, artificial breeze is possible such as with fans, coolers & AC’s and other alternatives, but nothing compares to the natural, cool wind that blows.



Even when we stroll in big parks with immense greenery, huge trees, tall conifers during our early morning walks in open areas is so refreshing & thrilling.

Also the younger generation students & employees find momentary happiness it brings, makes them forget their tiredness and fatigue after a long & hard day at their office or institutions.

A welcome happiness in our lives!

Snakeplant: Bedroom plant

5 Oct


Snake plant is an evergreen herbaceous perennial, a species of Sansevieria. It is a native of West Africa. In Latin it is called Sansevieria trifasciata.

This is an ideal bedroom plant since too much water is not needed. Moreover it can withstand any condition consequently considered as the toughest of all house plants. In warmer climates it is kept as an ornamental indoor plant and is the best for improving air quality by passively absorbing toxins such as nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde.

The plant grows stiffly upright with variegated leaves. Certain species have leaves edged with white or yellow colour.

Over watering will cause root rot due to which the leaves turn yellow, get soft and mushy at their base. It is the toughest of all indoor plants and withstands any conditions. For the plant to strive suitable lighting, temperature and humidity are helpful.

The plant is also commonly called “mother-in-law’s tongue”.

Here is more info about the health benefits associated with the SnakePlant.


  • Yields large amount of oxygen, consequently is helpful to maintain good health, enables one to be fit and fine.
  • It gives the room a whiff of oxygen and purified air. Hence it has many health benefits like less eye irritation, fever respiratory problems, reduces head aches and helps lung impairment.


Heartwarming Rainbows

21 Sep


The colorful rainbow is a spectacular art of the Almighty, appearing on the sky directly opposite the sun. When the sun shines through rain, rainbow appears in the form of  a multicolored arc or curve with seven colors all being the components of white light like a spectrum.

Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow

Some times double rainbows occur wherein the primary rainbow has red color on the outer (upper) & violet color  on the inner (lower) part of it’s arc . Primary rainbow is caused by light being refracted & reflected once in droplets of water  whereas in double rainbow the second arc is seen above &outside the primart arc & has the order of colours reversed ie., red faces the inward towards the other rainbow.  This rainbow is caused by light reflecting twice inside water droplets. The region between the two rainbows  is dark called “Alexander’s dark band.

The arc shape of the rainbow is due to the spherical shape of our planet. Color blind persons may not see all the colors. Another name  is VIBGYOR  formed from the first alphabet of the seven colors.

Sweet 70’s

20 Sep


A span of seven decades is indeed quite a long period to have survived and faced the many ups & downs of life during the begone years.

Unpleasant times come & go like ripples in the river that appear & disappear every now & then.

It is a common feature that sufficiently aged persons  are not given much importance also their views are less considered or totally ignored. So much so, that their suggestions & advices go in vain & are considered invalid in the current times.These are minor  incidents in our daily life hence it is good to ignore & be calm & get along amicably.

The present lifestyle is hectic, with many hours  spent at the work place, resulting in meager time to relax, keeping the younger generation more occupied as such should be excused.

Gossiping is good as long as it is only for awhile. Too much gossiping leads one in unexpected, unforeseen & unpleasant situations!! So BEWARE, care must be taken not to land in trouble!

Surely, old age turns out smoothly if one is light hearted, curtails great expectations viz extra personal attention etc.

On the whole, the greatest art is the Art Of Living.

So even for those of us in the 70’s or above we can now be as sweet as “Sweet Sixteen”!!

Welcome, 29th February 2012

8 Sep
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!














This year is a leap year that comes in every four years that is after a gap of three years, with 29 days in the month of February.

Hope peace and prosperity prevail all over the globe since 29th Feb’2012 is something special.

Since an extra day is being added in the calender thereby making a total of 366 days this year instead of the usual365 days in every year.

Consequently, this extra day brings forth one extra school day for students with 1 extra homework also 1 extra working day for other employees with no extra remuneration.

Never mind, let it be accepted eagerly as we gain more knowledge and more experience and  a new extra activity respectively.

Gladly let us ring in the New Year 2012 & ring out the old previous year 2011 which is past & gone forever!!

Manoram Murukku

28 Aug
Manoram Murukku

Manoram Murukku

  • Mota Rice – 2 measures (fry and powder in mixie)
  • Channa Dal – 3 measures  (fry and powder in mixie)
  • Coursely powdered Pepper
  • Little Til
  • Oil to fry
Preparation Time:
1 hour
Dry fry Channa Dall on a kadai till light brown and get the flavour.
With clean dry cloth wipe the rice dry and fry slightly on a kadai. If you bite the fried rice it should make a cracking sound.
Powder the Channadal and fried rice seperately in a mixie.
Mix both the Channa dal flour and rice flour and add little warm oil  till lumps form when pressed in the palm of your hand. Do not add too much oild, or it will break the Manoram Murukku.
Add coursely ground pepper, slightly fried til.
Dissolve enough  salt and a fist full of sugar in water, use this to knead the atta.
Fill dough in Murukku presser as shown in the pictures attached and drop in hot oil.
Deep fry the Tenkuyal in hot oil.